The Eco Centric Design Vision

In order to generate understanding of complex relationships we must explore the person, purpose and place. To invest in the future we must invest in ourselves in order to develop new ideas and innovation that supports our social fabric, infrastructures and environments.
— James MacDiarmid

James MacDiarmid (FOUNDER)

Eco Centric Design is an evidence based design and consultancy organisation aimed at promoting children’s rights and voices through learning design and advocacy. With a focus on nature, the natural environment and an unwavering belief that architecture can support pedagogy, Eco Centric Design aims to improve learning and well being outcomes for learners.

We now spend on average 80% of our time in indoor environments and across the life of a student, around 10710 hours are dedicated to formal instruction-time. A child's immediate built environment has therefore become the primary medium for learning in young children. When we think of design we should see this as an opportunity to enhance learning by creating authentic learning environments

Nature is a concept of behaviour and rhythm as much as what it contains. 'Best practice' design should foster the connections between the inside and the outside in such a way that the space mimics shapes, patterns and forms found in nature, as much as when nature itself is present. 

This is our mission.